Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Children's’ Western Everything; ON SALE Now. 50%Off!

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Here at Cowboy Supply, we have an entire back section exclusively for children’s western needs.  Most of us started out young, and cowboyin is a path that starts early.  At prices discounted mostly at 50%, the prices can’t be beat.  Check out the slideshow below, and the Video below that for more details.  

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Look Your Best: We Have Western Suits and Sport coats On Sale

suits top Every Cowboy likes to look his or her best, especially on Sunday.  Here at Cowboy Supply, we canIMG_1368 help you with that.  With a huge selection of Western Sport IMG_1342Coats and Western Suits, we’ll have you lookin sharper  that an Arkansas Toothpick”.  
With all of our prices at 50% off, you won’t find better prices in Colorado, or anywhere for that matter. 


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cowboy’s love their Comfortable Boots at Cowboy Supply

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Us Cowboy types really love our boots, and some of us have no problems with the different styles available, but as we age finding a comfortable pair of Cowboy Boots (this is of course including Ranch Boots, Ropers, Wellingtons, and Buckaroos) that fit our feet correctly. IMG_8553 Learning over the years what works and what works, for what job, can take years.   It’s those years of experience that the staff at Cowboy Supply in downtown Pueblo, Colorado.
Today’s modern Western boots inherit the engineering and modern materials of their footwear brethren to make the most comfortable and durable boots ever.   You will find the experience and product knowledge at the Cowboy Supply Store to guide you to the perfect pair of Western Boots.


Monday, November 30, 2015

Renew your Old Cowboy Hat, or get a Get a New One.

Old hat for top One can search and search and find nothing, but every now and then one makes unexpected discoveries that one doesn’t expect.  While researching the history Old Had primary still small of IMG_8500 the store, I tried to find the old website /www.thecowboysupply.com , which no longer exists at that address.  I discovered some old radio ads that were made for Bill that most likely haven’t been heard in a while.  So this is the first of four redoes of those ads with music and video clips of the store added.  The first, on Cowboy Hats. is below.  You can see the page at https://web.archive.org/web/20130617015444/http://www.thecowboysupply.com/.  It’s interesting to look back on the original website and see History.  

Friday, November 20, 2015

Sale … Sale …. Sale!!! On the Best Western Goods in Colorado

Attention Cowboy Supply Friends...
With a heavy heart, but a smile on our face,  The Famous Cowboy Supply will be closing it's doors forever.
cow sup 2 We want to express to you, our local and loyal customers our deepest appreciation for your long time support. The fire in our hearts has slowly diminished as our beloved owner Bill Merhoff passed away nearly a year ago now. It seems like just yesterday.
As a final THANK YOU to the Pueblo community our retirement sale will start this FRIDAY November 20th at 9AM sharp. We've cleared out the basement, the back rooms, and the attic and are getting ready for a sale to end all sales. You know we wouldn't consider going out without a BANG!
Sale hours are 9AM to 9PM Friday & Saturday - 10AM to 6PM Sunday. Don't miss these deals for your holiday shopping. Thank you so much! We hope to see you here!
300 N Main St, Pueblo, Colorado
(719) 543-4383

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